PC EXL1413T 基础创新塑料(美国)

  • PC EXL1413T 基础创新塑料(美国)PC EXL1413T 基础创新塑料(美国) UL黄卡
  • 本公司长期优价供应PC塑胶原料产品。如有更高的要求趋向于PC原料的物理及电气特性参数的实验!我们可在线为您推荐合适的规格而达到您生产工艺的要求!
    Lexan EXL1413T polycarbonate (PC) siloxane copolymer resin is a transparent injection molding grade. This resin offers excellent low temperature (-30°C) ductility in combination with medium flow characteristics and excellent processability with opportunities for shorter IM cycle times compared to standard PC. Lexan EXL1413T resin is a general purpose product available in transparent and opaque colors and is an excellent candidate for a broad range of applications.
    比重1.19 g/cm³ ASTM D792
    ISO 1183
    熔流率(300°C/1.2 kg) 10 g/10 min ASTM D1238
    溶化体积流率(MVR) (300°C/1.2 kg) 9.50 cm³/10min ISO 1133
    收缩率Internal Method
    流动: 3.20 mm 0.40 到0.80 %
    横向流动: 3.20 mm 0.40 到0.80 %
    吸水率ISO 62
    饱和, 23°C 0.12 %
    平衡, 23°C, 50% RH 0.093 %
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