PPS MT9120L4 美国泰科纳

  • PPS MT9120L4 美国泰科纳PPS MT9120L4 美国泰科纳 UL黄卡
  • 本公司长期优价供应PPS塑胶原料产品。如有更高的要求趋向于PPS原料的物理及电气特性参数的实验!我们可在线为您推荐合适的规格而达到您生产工艺的要求!
    Fortron MT9120L4 Natural is a 20% glass fiber reinforced injection molding grade that exhibits excellent heat and chemical resistance,inherent
    flame retardancy,and high hardness and rigidity at elevated temperatures. Components made from this grade may be used for medical and food
    handling applications. Fortron MT9120L4 is in compliance with ISO 10993,USP Class VI,and is included in the Fortron Drug and Device Master
    Files at the FDA. These grades comply with FDA Food Contact Notification (FCN 40) for repeat-use applications.
    机构评级,FDA FCN 40 ,ISO 10993 ,USP Class VI
    密度1.48 g/cm³ ISO 1183
    吸水率(饱和,23°C) 0.020 % ISO 62
    拉伸应力(断裂) 120 MPa ISO 527-2/1A/5
    拉伸应变(断裂) 1.5 % ISO 527-2/1A/5
    弯曲模量(23°C) 8000 MPa ISO 178
    弯曲强度(23°C) 170 MPa ISO 178
    悬壁梁缺口冲击强度(23°C) 7.00 kJ/m² ISO 180/1A
    无缺口伊佐德冲击强度(23°C) 35.0 kJ/m² ISO 180/1U
    洛氏硬度(M 计秤) 100 ISO 2039-2
    热变形温度(1.8 MPa,未退火) 255 °C ISO 75-2/A
    玻璃转化温度90.0 °C ISO 11357-2
    熔融温度280 °C
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