PPA XE3816 Natural 瑞士EMS

  • PPA XE3816 Natural 瑞士EMSPPA XE3816 Natural 瑞士EMS UL黄卡
  • 本公司长期优价供应PPA塑胶原料产品。如有更高的要求趋向于PPA原料的物理及电气特性参数的实验!我们可在线为您推荐合适的规格而达到您生产工艺的要求!
    Grivory XE 3816 natural is a glass fiber reinforced (30%), PTFE modified engineering thermoplastic based on semi crystalline partially aromatic
    Grivory XE 3816 natural is especially used in tribiological applications. Grivory XE 3815 exhibits a high hardness, good crystallinity and a high heat
    distortion temperature also after moisture absorption. The PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) modification reduces the sliding friction after a short initial
    As each tribiological system has its own properties (material combination, temperature, force), the suitability of the product has to be tested for
    each application under practical conditions.
    密度1.47 -- g/cm³ ISO 1183
    收缩率ISO 294-4
    横向流量0.80 -- %
    流量0.20 -- %
    吸水率ISO 62
    饱和, 23°C 4.5 -- %
    平衡, 23°C, 50% RH 2.0 -- %
    拉伸模量11000 11000 MPa ISO 527-2/1
    拉伸应力(断裂) 185 160 MPa ISO 527-2/5
    拉伸应变(断裂) 2.0 2.0 % ISO 527-2/5
    简支梁缺口冲击强度ISO 179/1eA
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